February 28, 2020

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Low System Battery

If your system indicates that it has a “Low Battery” and you have confirmed that it is from the main panel and not a wireless transmitter that has the low battery, you can replace it simply by removing the system battery (disconnect red lead and black lead, not in any specific order) and take the battery to TLA (calling first to make sure that they have it in stock) or call our service department and setup a service call. Note: It can sometimes take 4-12 hours for a “new” battery to come up to a full charge as they are not always at a full charge when you purchase them.

Phone line or Telephone Provider Changes:

If you have made any changes to your phone line, phone service or telephone provider you should test your system with Central Station (1-866-299-2199) before your telephone provider leaves to make sure that the changes have not affected your alarm system.

Failure to Communicate:

If your system indicates that it has a trouble condition for a “Failure to communicate or FC” or “Phone line fault” you should test your system with the central station before you schedule a service call to determine whether the problem still exists or whether it was just a momentary glitch. When testing your system, follow these simple steps:

1. Place your system on test with central station.

2. Arm your system for “Away” (as though you were leaving).

3. Open and close the door that you would usually leave from.

4. Allow the beeping (delay time) to stop and then open a back or side door (Perimeter) to set the alarm off.

5. Allow the siren to sound for approximately 1 minute before disarming your system.

6. Disarm system. You may need to disarm your system twice in order to clear up the alarm memory.

7. Call central station to confirm whether they received signals or not. If signals were received then no further action is required; however, if signals were not received then you will need to call and schedule a service call (985-542-8431) to check your alarm system.